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dont know what to do about it

I have a boyfriend wich is the father of my little son, we had live toguether for 3 years and still our relationship havent be sussesfull , i wish we were marry so God will help us, but he havent propose, i dont think he have the istenstions eather,he said he wants to surprise mei also think we are not ready there are many things that i cant do it my self i need Gods to guide me. He have 4 kids from another woman and he married her in the past ,the goverment took this kids away from her,they met me and, this kids loves me as there mom, i love them too,so much . MY boyfriend heard sometimes 90.5 station and he likes it we had go to church and he dont complaint or anithing his kids loves God and they usually go to churh and i lknow they pray for us, my boyfriend is disable he is legaly blind but to me he is not that blind, he have a really bad havit to play x box, psp, and all video games he stays from the morning to 2 or 3 or 4 am playing, its frustairing, i left him because of it, and i am here in vegas again, he lives in florida; i want it to see if he change but nothing, he visits the kid and me every 2 months, and he plays also, this is not my only problem with him, when we argue he call me all kind of names ,stupid idiot, gorilla all many names..just because i tell him please stop playing, sometimes i come from work and i have to start picking up the mess from the kids cause hes been busy playing, and i dont like mess. he gets mad in some ocassion he had push me or pad me hard i am afraid that 1 day he will hit me hard for real, he dont say sorry or nothing he will just ignore me,, untill i start talking to him again, for not to make things hard. i would like this to work because of the kids everytime i think to live him i think about them, and my son he loves him but he is not compromise with none of us, i want you to pray like i been doing so the lord help me to find and do what i need to do, i am triying to be short but i have more issues than this one, pray God for my kids. this station make me look up again i forgot about God and i need him so much. thank you and God bless you all.

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Rent the movie Fireproof and

Rent the movie Fireproof and or buy it and send it to him to watch!


thank you for reminding me

thank you for reminding me the name of the movie i saw it long time ago, i will... thanks for your coment God bless you


Sending you a HUG and praying

Sending you a HUG and praying with you and alongside of you for all of your circumstances. As I am writing this I am reminded of what Mary said: "Do whatever HE tells you." John 2:5

When you do.. God will take responsibility for all of your concerns and burdens and make them ALL work out as HE desires. He WILL provide for you and the kids. Just look to HIM alone for ALL of your needs. He loves you and HE promises to me your Husband and a Father to the fatherless.. even in or temporary times of crisis. Psalm 68:5
HE will comfort you with his Love. Zephaniah 3:17


thank you so hard.. i

thank you so hard.. i dont know anybody that can talk to me about God i want to find a church i fell the urge in my life thank you for your coment, very much!


Don't forget this song by

Don't forget this song by Mercy Me...
They wrote it for us!!!
Days will come when you don't have the strength...when all you hear is your not worth anything,wondering if you ever could be loved and if they truly saw your heart they'd see too much...
Your Beautiful!!!
Your Beautiful!!!
You are made for so much more than all of this!!!
Jesus Loves You


i love that song i had cry

i love that song i had cry for those lyrics, i am so unfesifull i think i need counseling, i just need to find a church, thank you for yor words they made me cry.God bless you

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