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Drugs & teens

This is Billie. Volunteer friend to all sos staff. I ry need your prayer. You know i hv 2 teen boys and 2 younger kids well my 15 yr old and i hv always struggleb in our relationship. But since we all gave our lives to God i thought things werre getting better tell right before thanks gibing a caught him lying about where he was and then found him at girlfriends where he had been for 3 hrs whrn i thought he was at basketball. I talked to him sd he was not doing anything and i should trust hinm i sd how can i after catching this lie? He is still grounded. Well one of close griends og family thought he saw my son at school smoking weed but could not prove it. I talked he fenied. Well today he was babysitting 2 youngest and my youngest caught kom smoling she told oldest. Oldest did not tell me immedatly instead waiyed till i took him to store and searched found a home made pipe with residue .& 2 lighters.lost confused and dont know what to do. I know the wrong thing can make it worse. Prayed asked god but while waiting for his answer not sure hiow or what i should say to him. Prayers and comments welcomed and [email protected] or text me @7423329 thank u and god bless

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Billie lestarge
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Praying.. sent you a FB

Praying.. sent you a FB message! hugs!

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