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with this economy even kids struggle.

I would like to ask if anyone can please pray for my family and I. this august I will be a freshmen in high school & my dad just got a "write- up" & I don't even know what that is but all I know is that he could get fired & I really feel bad since I'm a twin so hes been working 2 jobs since my sister and I were born. I would love to get a job now to help out a little but I'm barely gonna be 14 in Sept. So that's why I wish that you pray wit me so that God helps my dad keep his job. I understand that maybe God did this for a reason,maybe its time for my dad to take a break & spend more time with his family but I just really hope for the best because if he did lose his job it'd be a big struggle since I have a 3 yr old brother,9 yr old sister,twin sister,and my mom

God loves you.
ps. thanks for reading

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Sweetheart, God is doing

Sweetheart, God is doing wonderful things in you....your heart that seeks help from God and His people is something incredibly special :)
I'm lifting you and your family up in prayer....and you and I can hold onto this promise:
"The lions may grow weary and hungry,
but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing." Psalm 34:10

You get to watch Him provide! Wait in Him!

A sister

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