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With this economy even kids suffer....again

Hi it's me again my mom just told me that my dad is really sad because his boss said he was going to be checking up on him for 60 days while hes working & if doesn't do well then he's gonna get fired..... I'm asking for whoever reads this to please pray for my dad & our family. I'm the typical daddy's little girl so when my dads hurting I'm hurting too.. I would give everything for my dad not to be sad & I would give anything and everything I've ever received for him not to be sad. I'm worried because my dad got stressed out a couple months & he went to the hospital for high blood pressure & was there for 3 days. He can have a heart attack if he gets stressed out or if it happens again. I prefer my dad to be stress free & happy if that means a little less money then fine.....I just don't want to lose God if you see this I know I'm not the best religious person or greatest sister or daughter or students but please help my dad & our family.:''''''''''(

Amen. Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the lord my soul to keep.
Thanks & have a good night

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