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Father God, I come before this day, again and always in thanksgiving for Your amazing gifts and boundless love for us. Lord, Please hear my prayer as I lift up Michelle to you and ask Your Holy Spirit to help her choose words that will breathe life back into her life, love, relationship and marriage to her one and ever only husband as she writes to him today and speaks to him through the subsequent phone call. I pray he will be in the right place, at the right time, that You will clear his eyes, free his mind, and soften heart to receive the love of the wife of his youth. I pray You bless this relationship and make it strong. Jesus, You and I know this would be a senseless divorce between two people who love each other, have always been faithful to each other, but these 11 years still don't know how to communicate and submit. The only reason for this crisis is Isaiah (husband) has been deployed for too long and it takes a toll on a marriage. Take away all selfishness and defensiveness and replace it with kindness and tenderness, and a love for each other like the love Christ has for the Church. I thank You Jesus for Your instruction and miracle in Michelle that is changing her before our eyes into a more godly role model after You Lord Jesus. Thank you for making her a better and more submissive wife to Isaiah and I pray Isaiah will repay her with love and respect. I pray You continue Your good work in her and keep her strong as she may be tempted by negative comments from her husband. I ask these things in the Powerful Name of Jesus Christ, Amen and Amen

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