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Employment and choices

I am in need of prayer from others reguarding my employment. I am aware there are many people that are out there that do not have a job and looking desperatley.

I am unsure if I should stay with the company I am currently with. I am being over worked for my status and there is constant complaining about how their job is so hard. I am also finding this place to hold me back spiritually. The majority of the people that work here either beleive in all religions, atheist, or something other.

They are very discouraging when it comes to church as I have mentioned to a boss that I would be attending so I cannot work sat evenings.

I also want to go to beauty school next year in Jan. Academy of Hair design for my cosmetology license. I am unsure if I should seek furture employment because they only provide day classes and that would not work with here either.

There is also rumor that when the season is over I will be let go.

If you could please pray that God reveal to me what it is that He would like me to do and to provide that path openly that I can walk on it.

Thank you so much,
Tina C.

P.S.- Thank you all for the prayers and encouraging words you have send me in my last prayer request.

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Hi Tina; Standing with you in

Hi Tina;

Standing with you in prayer for God's guidance and direction. His word says that if we desire to know His will.. we will know it. We just have to be faithful to wait on Him to reveal it when He is ready. As far as your present dilemma. God often places us where we are for a few reasons. One so that He can SHINE through you in a dark place. I know it is not easy to work in a secular environment, boy do I.. but at the same time that God can manifest His love in and through us, He changes us in those difficult places. Though it is painful and sometimes we want to run, the best thing is to just hold on tighter and let God work. Like sowing, watering and reaping over time.. you might be surprised the impact your life has made upon many of them in some way. Blessings!

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