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Everything is falling apart.


My fiance and I need serious prayer.

We are set to get married on August 2nd, and last friday i found out i will be losing my job at the beginning of June, and that our lead pastor who started our pre-marital counseling and who was supposed to perform our ceremony was leaving our church... this sunday. On top of that it is a strong possibility that our church would be closing before my wedding.
We don't have a lot of money, and our savings has been run down because of issues with our health and a lack of medical insurance. Oh, not to mention my car is currently in the shop for over $600 worth of repairs (we cant afford the other $1,200 that is needed to handle the other things that need to be fixed). That was one of the reasons we chose the church because we could use the facility for free.

So I will be a jobless, pastor-less, venue-less woman within the next three weeks. The stress i was under before was already overwhelming, but right now I am on the verge of breaking. Especially because my heart is burdened by the future of the people in my church.

We are trusting God and believing Him to work everything out, but right now I feel so helpless and overwhelmed.

Please pray that God makes a way for us and that the stress is lifted.

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