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Faith Of A Mustard Seed

If Only I Had the Faith The Size Of a Mustard Seed. That's Why I Need Your Prayers Right Now. I left A TV Job After 3 years, To Return To Radio (I Know, Big Mistake, Bit More Money) Well After One Year, They Sold The Station. Now I'm Looking At Losing My Job. fear Has Overcome My Faith. I'm Asking The Father To Increase My Faith, But It's So Hard About The Unknown Future. I Just Don't Know What's Going To Happen Now. Second Prayer request... My daughter (who's 25 years Old & The Youngest Of Two) still Refuses To Have Anything To Do With Me. It's Been Almost 9 Years. I Still Call Her Every Weekend (Only To Get The Voice Mail)
I Still Send, Miss You Cards, Birthday & Christmas Cards. I've Asked Her For Forgiveness..But She Won't Even pick Up the Phone When I Call. I Don't Even Get a Birthday, Christmas, Or fathers Day Call. Rumors Have It, That I said Something At A Wedding, That According To Her... (No Parent Should Have Said)....What Ever That Was, She Still Won't Tell Me. I'm Really Trying To Hang On. I Feel Like The Fathers Is so Far Away from Me Right Now (I Know In My Heart, It's Not The Case, But I feel All Alone) Please Say A Prayer, That God Will Either Let Me Keep My job, Or find Me Another. And Pray For My Daughter.. She Has So Much Anger In Her Heart. I Ask God To Soften Her, But All God Told Me Was... To Just Keep Loving Her. But Come On.. 9 Years. It's so tough At times, If Only I Had The Faith Of a Mustard seed. Thank You For Your Prayers In this Matter. God Bless You all, And All That You Do.

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Bill Williams
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