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Falling Apart

I'm a single mother of two energetic boys and this morning the tears wont stop falling and the reason wont come as to way I am crying I am typing this even now and its hard to see through the tears. I am working and keep to God for everything I need but today everything just brings the tears. I can't even eat. I have to work tonight and just don't feel like going but I know I have to. I just don't want to deal with anyone right now and I just can't stop crying. No one in my family has past away and my family is there to help me with the kids and things and I have a Job that pays the bills, friends who love me for me and my health isn't all that bad. I am saved but I feel so empty. I know this life is not easy and there are a lot of between a rock and a hard place. Today just doesn't add up. Turning to God is all I have....Everyone have a great day and Thank you. God Bless.

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Mother of two wonderful boys.
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Hello dear sister-in-Christ -

Hello dear sister-in-Christ -

I too have two wonderful amazing, but now grown boys whom I love and adore.

A woman's hormones are crazy thing at times. But don't forget that NOT one of those tears have been missed in bottle that our Lord Jesus keeps for us.

When I have those crys its like a cleansing. Maybe the Lord is allowing this so once the cleansing is over He will implant in your heart and mind some lovely and special revelation just for you!

Remember, you are loved by God and your SOS family- Carry my dear sister

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