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My husband of 27 years has left me and our children for another woman. He took the car and he was our only income. I have a disconnect for the electric and a shortage of food. I pray for a healing for my marriage and a healing for our family. I know God's will, will be done and I know my faith is being attacked. I believe in the power of prayers and I am reaching out for as many prayers as I can get! I want my marriage restored and I also know if that is not God's will then I pray for strength. I am also trying to understand why the Lord would allow all this love I have for my husband to be thrown away. I am just hurting so bad. I thank you for the prayers in advance and may God Bless you!!!!

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Gina Marion
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hi Gina my name is angela i

hi Gina my name is angela i know that you may be hurting right now and i also pray that God restores your marrige The devil dosent like family and he doesnt like to see people together or loving each other so what you have to do is tell the enemy what you want back every thing he stole you can take back your marrige and what every else may be going on in your life God will never put more on you then you can bare just know that God is love he is your everything when others forsake you just put your trust in him and know that he is all ways by your side hes right there God causes things to happen in our life sometimes not to hurt us he wants you to trust him i will continue to keep you in my prayers ... i dont know you but i love you as a sister in Christ everything will be alright keep the faith ....

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