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I have two sons and they had professed faith in the Lord when they were younger but are away from Him right now. They see me living the best I can and trying to follow the Lord and the Word but they feel there is no blessing there for me. They see others that I know being blessed openly but not me. I try to explain that all blessings are not something you can put your hand on but they just see me struggle. Last night was bad for my younger son. We were in the only car we had running an errand and there was a pop and then fire in the area of the engine. We lost the car. I do not have anyway to get to work now and will be at jeopardy of losing my job if I can’t get here. I have been riding the bus to try to save the car as it has had some problems and to try to save money as well. I am blessed because my boys are ok and so am I. The only thing we lost really was the car but I need transportation because my job is 35 miles from my home and the bus stop I need to get to at 5:00 is 7 miles from my home and I cant walk that because if I miss the bus at 5:00 the next one does not come for 1.5 hours and I will be late to work. Please pray first that this will turn the boys back to the Father and second that we might be able to get a vehicle.

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