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Family court life battles

Please Pray for Mr. Richie; that God will reveal the truth to him on Decemeber 5th, @9:00am, that he will follow the law, and be in my favor for my daughter and I. Prayer needed for Thanksgiving: For no unexpected visitors, for Peace and a "drama free" weekend, to be thankful for having our family together, for joy and peace this weekend, and to lead others towards Christ at BlessFest on thanksgiving. Pray for my Dad Ronnie for his salvation, and to be nice and thoughtful of other peoples feeling, for him to seek GOD first no matter what. Pray that I stop worrying, I belief, help my unbelief Lord. Pray for wise decision making, to follow GOD's plan for my life at all times. Pray for my daughter Lilly, that the lord protects her and that she always will be with me, that GOD will keep showing me how to lead her to the cross and to him, to lead by example, loving her, and leaving her in the care of the Lord, and letting go. Lord wrap your arms around her, guide her, protect her, never leave her, always having the armies of Isreal there with her. THank you

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I pray Matthew 6:9-13 with

I pray Matthew 6:9-13 with you.. and that GOD will free you from the heavy load you bear. Coming under your burdens.. your cross with you and lifting it to the Father.

"LORD.. take these things.. and help my sibling in you.. let go. You are Sovereign over all of the affairs of man and over your children's especially. Love on this child today LORD, and give Yourself.. our peace." Amen.


If this is Art Richie you are

If this is Art Richie you are speaking of he is a very fair man.I know from experience. God bless you and your family. I will pray for you that God will be brought to light on Dec.5.

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