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Family member betrayal

Back in March my boyfriends mother became very ill. She's a 74 year old woman who was being over medicated by her doctor and her kidneys shut down. My boyfriend and I sprung into action and brought her here to Las Vegas for better treatment. Shortly after 2 week stay in an Acute hospital and another 11 days in a Rehabilitation hospital, we had her move in with us. We did everything from cooking meals, to sometimes helping her with hygiene.
About a month after she moved in we all decided we needed more space and a first level home for her to get around. So we moved, we forfeited a large deposit and relocated.
We admit we both ignored the issues we had with his mother before we moved. But we knew it was for the best to push forward. She would yell and snap for no reason at the both of us. On the day I finally decided to stand up for myself things got bad! She ended up moving out and telling family members we kicked her out. Not only did she leave us with a rent that doubled, but also a pile of bills. Ever since she left we have had no contact with her and we have been struggling to get by. We have to move and I am facing a few minor health issues. It's very difficult for us to not have any ill feelings since we have lost so much. We as a couple have never been so stressed before. We argue about insignificant issues when we both know the underlying reason is not each other. Lord please help us!

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Dear betrayed, You and your

Dear betrayed, You and your boyfriend are awesome for taking her in and getting her healthy. You good deed will be rewarded to you in God's time. I have some stuggles in my life and find this scripture comforting. I hope it helps you too:
Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Amen.

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