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family troubles

Recently my brothers girlfriend posted on her Facebook that she wished my brother would get up at night to help with their 4 month old daughter.

My brother is the only one in the household with a job and making money... He works very hard as a mechanic and often works 50+ hours a week. When he is home he helps a lot, doing dishes laundry cleaning and taking trash out... She is home 24/7 and in my mind she should be doing a lot of the housework.

I am not trying to make it so the woman does all of the housework, but I think that if he has a real job that is paying all the bills and she is a stay at home mom (I know being a mom is a hard job too, I have a 1 1/2 year old) but she has some unreasonable demands for him.

Anyways, Well me and my mom showing concern for my brother has caused a huge family fight and my mother is really upset, to the point she is scared to talk to my brother or his girlfriend because she may say something wrong and anger her more. I am not sure what to do in this sitution and need help... Can you please pray for my family that we can figure out a resolution.

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