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Feel as if all hope is gone

My little sister has been passing through a terrible sickness since October where she has been unable to sit or walk because of her wounds. We both are going to college, her to CSN and me to UNLV and we had to stop attending classes in order to deal with the situation. My sister is barely now being able to walk again and she is still in the healing process, but now the school is charging me over $10,000 for the semester I didn't finish & if I do not pay I cannot sign up for new classes and my financial aid has been taken away. I talk to the department chair and he just said to not be sending him lengthy accounts of personal family affairs that had nothing to do with my academics and doesn't want to work with me. I didn't know then that I could have applied for a leave of absence in order to prevent this or I would have, and now I do not know what to do. I feel as if all hope is gone. I do not have that kind of money and if I cannot attend classes, then I will be fired from my job & I need that job as the primary income earner right now. Please pray that the Lord does a miracle for both my sister & I. Thank you and God bless!

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Don't Know What to Do
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