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Feel so lonely, need guidance in what to do with my life.

Please pray for our marriage. We haven't been married for even 3 years. My husband has become a stone cold unloving husband. My family is 1,400 miles away and I feel so alone every day. Have no friends here. I moved here for him and now I'm feeling the loneliest I have ever felt in my life. I am a Christian, but I have a hard time focusing on Jesus and not my circumstances. Please pray for me/us.

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Extending a hug to you.. I DO

Extending a hug to you.. I DO understand... truly.. been there. I will pray for you right now.. and ask the LORD to Love on you.. minister His guidance to you.. and to bring peace and comfort. In my own times like these.. I have just snuggled in deeply to the LORD.. our time and focus when it is on HIM alone gives Jesus the chance to help us SEE and HEAR more clearly.. take some time and even though your feelings want to distract you.. share all of them with HIM.. He WILL give you comfort and hope you need and direct your path. Love in Christ!

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