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Feeling alone

I know I'm still weak in my walk with Christ but day by day I know I will try to get stronger.. I'm really having trouble with my family.. My sister just moved out and she was the most in my household who would give motivation.. I feel like it was my sister& i on the front line fighting for my family against the devil but now I was left to fight alone.. Everyday I try my best to do good for them but all they do is say how im not doing enough... I always wake up to my rebellious brother arguing with my mother.. My dad is always working so I rarely have his support.. I get home from work and come to find more arguments... I cant even talk to my mom or brother... I'm struggling in keeping myself together because my family has fallen apart.. No matter what I do.. Its hard to convince them to bring them to church. one of the few friends I have who would help me through this with guidance and through God's word lately has changed a lot.. I know God is with me I know but I'm finding it so difficult to keep myself together.. I feel like maybe im failing God so much cause I'm not the daughter I perhaps have to be.. I get put down a lot and its just tearing me apart... it would be lovely if you can pray for me.. For my walk with Christ that I just recently started with about a year.. For my family to one day feel this joy Christ gives this huge difference He makes.. For my patience.. For me to have strength and not fall back ever again. thank you very much.

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This is the day the Lord has

This is the day the Lord has made and I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!!! Christine, when i first got saved all my family turned their back on me and I gave up hanging around a lot of friends, felt much like you, alone. Than read that poem "footprints" and realized i would never be alone again, and realized I had a new family in Christ, never giving up on my family, but surrendering them into his hands, and if we stand strong in Faith and on his word, our family will come to know him as we do, not pushing them or giving up on them. After a few years of just being the best example of Christ I could they one by one came to know Him. we are not promised as Christian life will be easy, but if we stand on His word, and Trust Him, We will see his hand move in our life, and our families. Lord I pray for Christine, bless her with strength to endure this trial, knowledge and wisdom (open Your word to her) on what to do and say. Lord I pray your Holy Spirit and heavenly angles to bring Peace to her home, Father wrap your loving arms around her to feel how much YOU love her, and take away all feeling of loneliness and fill her with JOY unspeakable, full of glory. Send her some great Godly friends to help her through all the devil throws at her. amen from your new friend/family in Christ, Robert (youth pastor)

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