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Hello my name is Kentrel Williams and I was wondering if you guys may pray for my family and friends and I. I also want to say pray for my first album to reach out to those who need God so that they may cry out to Him and search more for Him and themselves please.

I also want to say my testimony because I feel that I can probably help others.

I was raised in Vegas as the last of my mom side and the third of my dad, and I always felt like I wasn't loved because the way that I was treated. I was 4 when it started, my step dad gave me beer and i was drinking it even though it was wrong. I was always in church but never of it. I always made fun of the preacher and never paid attention to what he was really saying. I always wanted to be a cool kid but knowing my self I never saw my self as a cool person so I just kept putting my self down. as I got older still didn't want to listen to God's voice, so I turned 12 yrs old and as I was that age my brother tried to kill me because he said that he wanted to be the other child so what I did was try to commit suicide so then everything will be better without me (Also girls seemed like they didn't want to go out with me because they thought I was ugly). At least that's what I thought, but I couldn't do it because I didn't know what God wanted from me. As I turned 15 I had a friend that I hung out with him because he was like my young brother and we hung out a lot, but when I turned 16 I still wondered why I was hanging out with him because he took the girl that I liked, but I didn't know that they broke up and he started going to church. The day that I was going to go to the Stratosphere and try to commit suicide was a blessing because God stopped me and my friend said the words that I wanted to hear, "You want to come to a cell?" I was like what is that? He said,"It is like a Bible Study group." I was like, "Ok I'll try it out." Now I go to this church called Iglesia Las Vegas (Church of Las Vegas)After that God has been with me forever in my heart and I Love Him!!!!

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Kentrel Willians
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