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Dear Lord,
I come to today to raise Mima to You. You know her suffering with her divorce and the financial strain that has put on her. She is currently without a home, no means of getting another place. Heal her heart of the past pains, teach her to forgive him, and to move into Your loving arms for the healing and restoration she seeks. Please help her to locate housing, a job that will enable her to move forward. Heal her daughters health so that they may help each other through this ordeal, it has been a long time since each of them had any relief from pain, I pray that You will guide them to a path that will bring them closer to You. Surround them with people that will help, and not enable. I lift them both to You this morning. Thank You for being our provider, thank You for the divine interruptions that are sent into our lives, with these trails we come closer to You and keep our eyes on You! Help me to be the friend she needs at this time, she is not near for me to reach out, I send Your love and mercy to her. In Jesus' name, AMEN!

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:)... AMEN.. in agreement

:)... AMEN.. in agreement with you!!

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