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Finding Love in Sin City

Constant prayer that Jesus will bring the right godly man into my life and my daughters life. I want to honor God at all times, and I want my future husband to do so as well. It is hard to meet people in Vegas, and praying that God will just bring that special person into my life. It seems so difficult and hard. I pray that God plants that holy spirit inside me,and equips me to be a wonderful wife. I have been single for a very long time, and I am have had in the past bad relationships with men, and not the best with my father either ( he is in my life) I have never truly felt loved by any man but Jesus. This time I want to do everything right. I want to pray about it, and have others praying for me as well. Also to have support. I have really spiritually grown in my walk with Jesus, and I feel that the time is coming for the next chapter in my life. I want to have more children, and I am looking for the man that God wants for me. I need to trust in him, and never give up or feel down about it. I want to honor the Lord in all my decision making, and I want him in the center of any relationship I have. If the man isn't a Christian but says he is, I want him to disappear if he isn't the one for me, and go by the waste side. Praying for my future husband,and praying that the Lord is equipping him for me, and that the Lord will bless him. Lord I love you and I give you my heart. Thank you, In Jesus Name, Amen

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Love in Sin City
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