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Could you please pray for me and my family. I wanted to thank you for playing the Song " you are not alone " recently. It was at just the right time. I am going to meet with someone tomorrow that harmed my child a long time ago but i just found out a couple of years ago. I had sent a letter to him but I found out he did not receive it. In this process i have been able to forgive him and I believe God wants me to talk with him tomorrow. Lately though when it comes to forgiveness I feel all alone. People are so unforgiving and " how could you forgive" but I know that is what Christ calls us to do. It has not been an easy road but what had to be done. There is other areas of my family where there is unforgiveness, it just won't son and daughter in law towards me since Christmas we have not seen each other. Both of my sons towards each other. My daughter and my son. My mom and my brother have not had a relationship in 20 years. My dad and my sister. My son and my parents..Please pray this spirit gets BROKEN in the Name of Jesus..
Thank you very much and thank you for all you do and letting the spirit work though you.

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I will absolutely pray for

I will absolutely pray for you and yours. Forgiveness is a very complicated thing to do but true believers come to realize its the best thing to do eventually. It is a very hard thing to do, but it is necessary. I pray that your family comes to obtain forgiveness in their hearts and that your journey thru life is a blessed one.

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