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Friend in desperate need - Urgent!!

My friends 12 year old daughter has been bullied for years. She has had an extremely difficult life in her short 12 years to include being kidnapped and since a surgery on her leg to fix a deformity the bullying has escalated. She was in wheelchair a for a few weeks and children were pushing her wheelchair into doors and lockers, throwing rocks at her causing deep gashes in her head. Over the last week, she has been making suicidal comments and saying that it would be better if she were gone. She is currently in a hospital under suicide watch. Her mother is frantic and doesn't know what to do. I have been encouraging her to pray even though she isn't a Godly person, I have been praying with her and praying for them both. Please pray that Isabella can move through this time and find Gods love, knowing that no matter what happens, God will always be there for her. Through God all things are possible and no problem is ever too big to defeat.

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Shonna Vance
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