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Gambling killing our Marriage

My Husband is addicted to Gambling. Because of the few incidents that have occurred since we have been together I've lost my trust in him. I have had to take full control over our finances. Its put me in a position where I can't trust a word he says especially when it's involving finances. We have a 10 month old. I want her to know what a loving, kind, generous man her Father is. I don't want our relationship to end. But I am getting so sick of the lies and not being able to trust him. We want to have a big family but, this addiction has spread to other areas that frankly has put a huge wedge in our relationship.
PLEASE Pray for Healing and restoration.

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Hi, I understand you. I ve

Hi, I understand you. I ve been a gambler for many years but bless be our Lord who found me and save me!
If you dont trust your husband, wich I also understand , Trust in God who will never forsake you your husband and your baby.
Gambling is a desease and it comes from a compulsion of the brain. The one who gambles has no control over it. The mind is believing a lie , an imaginary world that says " if I hit it big I fix everything I have done". It s dark place that needs light.
The gambler mind starts filling up with regrets , sadness and anger. The lies are said just to survive the emotions that we hold inside and the shame we feel for our incontrolable behavior. Believe me I feel for your husband s pain. But remember God has many ways to work in our lives for the very porpuse so we can praise Him. Ask and you will recieve. I pray God to bless you and your husband with thruth healing and love.
If it helps there s meetings all over the country, GA meetings for fellowship and understanding of the desease. It s also the family members if they need it. It s a good start but God has the solution and the healing ! Peace to you, the kind that only God can give.
With love, Veronica.

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