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Giulian Grasso

My good friend, classmate, and teammate recently got into a long boarding accident. He's been at the truama center for 2 days with swelling in the brain from 50 to 80 percent. He is maxed out of medication and has been put into a medicated coma to help his brain heal. It is only up to Giulian and God at this point, and I ask you to pray for his health. These next 24 hours are crucial in whether he lives or dies, and nobody should die at 15. Please pray to give him and his family strength, courage, and patience. This boy is amazing and is planning on becoming a Navy seal. He has a long road of recovery when he wakes up, but I know in my heart that he can make it. He is strong and has the ability to pull through with the help of your prayers. Thank you for your prayers. They are much appreciated.

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I LOVE AND MISS YOU GIULIAN!!!!! Keep pushing through I know you can make it and we will discuss everything you have missed! I have so much to tell you and we will just go crazy when you get better! I know you can do this! <3

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