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God in the courtroom

Christian Brothers and Sisters, I ask that you pray with me this morning as I'm handing over to God troubles that have come my way. My daughters father abused me, mentally, emotionally, socially and most importantly Physically. He strangled me 2 separate times in which I was able to obtain a indefinite restraining order from him. He has appealed the restraining order and the court will make their decision any day now if the restraining order will be dismissed or affirmed and stay in full affect. He filed for custody of our daughter just weeks ago but has been absent in her life ( the restraining order is not against her) and declined his holiday visit with her. As I look back, I can recall him categorizing himself as a narcissistic man. Now that I am free from that relationship, I see so clearly and I've never been happier. This sense of RELIEF is due to the restraining order being in place. My fear is if they dismiss it will I fall victim again. He is controlling beyond belief, he uses the court system against me and continuously threatens me that he will take custody of our daughter. He as moved to the town that we reside and was staying just .08 of a mile from me...just close enough to not violate himself. He's very strategic. I ask you to pray for 3 areas. 1) the restraining order remains in full affects, no changes whatsoever 2) physical custody remains with me 3) that I not live in fear of this man ever again Please pray and agree with me this morning! Bless you all.

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Letrecia Williams
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