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god heal me please

I have bipolar and i cant work or go to school and i have a 2 yr old daughter I'm trying to support but its hard.i get food stamps and stuff but the people i live with take most of it as rent.and if i was healed from bipolar I could a education and a good job.i only have a 6 th grade education .my bipolar kept me from making it in school. And now life please pray thanks and god bless

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Megan, I know you have

Megan, I know you have desires for a better life for your child and self and just keep faith the Lord wants the same for you. His desire is for you to be content, safe in His care. Reach out to others who understand your illness. Remember Jesus is the Healer who brings comfort even in illness that you can be complete in Him. Do not focus on the illness instead fix your eyes on Jesus. Hugs and prayers in Jesus name.


Keep the focus on God, if you

Keep the focus on God, if you want these things, enough, he'll put the right tools in your hands to get you there. Jesus is your healer! ! Pray! Your in our prayers.

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