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God's Healing Hand

My prayer today is for the patients God has blessed me to care for. I surrender my hands to You, the divine healer. Use them, as You will, if for no other purpose than to pour out the merciful healing that only comes through you. I pray daily for a clear mind, and the ability to discern your still, small voice from the commotion of the world, as I seek your guidance in the treatment necessary for each of these very special individuals, and their very unique complexities. I ask that they see beyond the faith they have entrusted to man. May they only see You through me, putting their faith and trust in You Lord. For it is You who knows the hairs on each head and what they are made of. Only you can remove or return what is necessary for their wounds to heal.
I pray... Take that which the enemy meant to harm them and use it for good! That they may better know the compassion and mercy only Your love can offer. As I lift the names of each of them to You, i pray You grant them each Your Peace for their Pain, and heal their wounds. For Your glory and Honor restore them Lord, as I daily proclaim Your goodness and mercy to those with the faith of a mustard seed....

Your Servant,
An in home wound nurse

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Your Servant in Home Wound Care Nursing
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