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going back to school and homeless

im a mother of 2 children and im married. Life this time around has been challenging with new beginnings. this past year I have overcome marital issues and life as a single mom. this past year my husband has returned home and it has been a rocky marriage with infidelities. his family are encouraging him to leave the marriage and start new elsewhere with another woman (and their Christians). the children are fond of their dad, they love him. I love my husband and I know God can fix what's broken. I have come to terms to forgiving Pat for his actions but I have been patient with God to enter Pats life for some "good change". this fall we are embarking on a new adventure. school. I have fulfilled my achievements in receiving my AA Degree last husband has never been to college. The kids and us will be moving to another community and they will be both in school. My daughters first year as a kindergartener. His family have disowned our decisions and our relations with them; they totally cut us off. we are homeless at this point and are living in a small Native American round house with no electricity, running water, and cooling. we are planning to receive our certification and degrees in small business management. we live in a small town and my husband has been renovating homes this past year. he is a plasterer, mason, and framer for 20 years. We want to operate our own small business. We ask for prayer for God to watch over us, protect us, and bless us with knowledge and success. we applied for jobs as residential advisors to help our room and board fees while attending school. we have yet to apply for any scholarships. we hope that God will open doors for us at school. thank you

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