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Growing Faith & Relationship With God

My name is KAM; God is working such great and wonderful things in my life. and I am so, so grateful. I give praise for his steadfastness in my life, as I can see what changes he has done, and is making for my life's journey.

I would please ask my SOS family & friends to pray for my son JL, and boyfriend Vince. They are both wonderful men. son seem to have shut himself off from God, and seems to be hurting, or angry. He will attend church, but it is to make his wife, and me happy. I pray that God will touch his heart again, and he will know how much he is truly loved. He has told me that "I work, I come home, I am a faithful,loving,attentive husband, and father. Why, why do things fall so apart in my life.

I have attempted to lead by example, but he looks at me as being just "mom". I am a firm believer that prayer can change, and heal so please keep him lifted. He has been, is, and I pray a good Son/Man. I pray from him to become a Strong Man of GOD that I know he is meant to be.

Vince, is the other half of my pray request. He has had a very, very hard adult life, and he has had to do things in his past to survive, which I think has strongly affected him, and his relationship with God. I have seen a change in him over the last 14mos, from being very, very hard hearten, and closed off with most people. He has developed a mustered seed size faith, and I just pray for it to continue to grow, and show him what God's amazing Grace, Mercy, and most important Love can do in changing an individuals life.
Thank you, and God's Blessings

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Standing with you in prayer..

Standing with you in prayer.. continue to model so lovingly and on purpose as you have. God will do the rest. <3

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