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Has my God given up on me?

My business fell apart 3+ years ago and has not recovered. I pray daily that I am able to provide for my family. Now, my savings and any hope of retirement has gone to pay bills. I was forced to use my credit cards to pay more bills, and yet more bills are due with no money to pay. I am at my wits end. I have asked God to forgive me for the mess I've made of this and the sins of my past. I want to do his will, whatever that may be. I continue to pray and wait upon the Lord, but he seems to have given up on me. I hope God will send business to me and look for other work each day, but no new business, no new job opportunities, just more debt. I've never felt so alone and unconnected to God. I just don't want my family to suffer. I need a miracle. Please pray that God opens a door for me and my family immediately.

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You are asking God to do his

You are asking God to do his will? Many Christians think that having good fortune is of God. Then when it collapses, God doesn't hear or God has forsaken them. The thorns of the world has choked most of us. We have forgotten what Jesus said, "follow me". Not, go do your own thing, then follow me. There's a whole lot of preaching about Jesus, but not a whole lot of what it means to follow Jesus. The son of man suffered, his disciples were told the same about each one that followed Him. I have been in financial disaster two months ago. I too thought the lord God stopped loving me. I was angry at God. Yet, I continued to go to Him. I prayed, why do the ones that love you suffer like this. Why let me go through this financial disaster. I don't worship money but I need it. No matter how angry I became, I came to Him. I wanted to blame God for not helping me. Same with Jesus, his son, prayed to have this cup be removed. Jesus knew the suffering he must endure. Even Jesus prayed if the Father had forsaken Him. So, how about God's will you prayed about? Has He heard and you aren't ready to love Him. Peter denied Jesus 3 times, and three times Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him(Jesus). Christians, believers, followers, disciples will suffer. Don't loose your faith because you can't pay your bills. I warn you, you will hate God. You will suffer! You can't serve two masters. If you haven't heard this boldness before, then it's time to leave your specific place of worship and let God be your teacher, your friend, your only salvation. I will pray for you, that the Holy Spirit guides you.


Walter, After releasing your

After releasing your anger towards the Lord, has his Spirit guided you, and has your financial disaster been corrected?


I believe he has begun to

I believe he has begun to ease the pain and show me his direction.


My prayers are with you and

My prayers are with you and your family. God never gives up on His children. no matter how long it may take our Lord will always answer our prayers. I know how scary and difficult these times are and how there are times when we feel like our Lord has turned a blind eye on us. But He never does. I promise you He won't let you fall without picking you up. He won't push you to the end and leave you hanging. He has your best interest at heart. Just keep looking up, remember that He loves you and your family more than anyone can ever imagine. I pray everything gets better soon. God bless you.

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