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Having a broken heart and need to get thru it.

Bill and i broke up in June. We have continued to talk all this time, but i really love, and miss him, i do not know if we will ever reconcile. I have suffered so deeply all these 4 months. He is 42 and it seems as though, he wants to try, and hold onto his being young and available. We had made alot of plans in 2 years , and now he has devastated my heart and soul. I will continue to pray for restoration and reconciliation. I love this person so much, and i am powerless in this

Please hold us up in prayer, that he will step up and be the man god created him to be, and I, the woman god would have me be. I will keep knocking and seeking until i recieve. I am putting down a fleece and i will not stop until god moves!The pain has been near unbearable, and i need to find healing in my heart, and peace in my mind. May god provide Bill a healing in the places he suffers.

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Dear Kate, matters of the

Dear Kate, matters of the heart are very painful. I will pray for you and Bill. I want to give you this bit of information. Seek first his Kingdom. I know it will be hard, give Bill to the Lord, allow him to change bill, you can,t do it. I know it hurts, i have been there also. Words seem empty. All I can say is to cling on to Jesus. I will be praying for the both of you. Dear Father, in the name of Jesus I ask that you intervene in this problem. Father i am asking that you speak to Bill spirit. Lord I pray that you show comfort to my sister Kate, and give her peace. In Jesus name Amen

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