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Healing for our Marriage

I would like to ask for prayers for my husband and I. He openly confessed to me that he had committed adultery awhile ago in our marriage and asked for forgiveness from me and from God. It's been hard for me to process everything and to completely trust God and him that it will not happen again. I know he regrets what he did and that he does love me. We are both striving to make our marriage God-centered and we need encouragement from other believers to get through this hard time in our lives. We are learning to love and respect each other and we are learning to communicate. I just ask for prayers for continued strength to follow Jesus and put Him first in our marriage and to not let satan tear our marriage apart. I ask for prayers of healing and restoration. Thank you all and God bless you for caring!!

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My marriage is also in

My marriage is also in trouble. Keep strong in your faith, be patient, and strive to please God. He will be with you always!

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