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Healing, peace and comfort prayer

It all started when I was going through a tough time with domestic violence. I met this guy at work and he was there for me and my kids always. One day he had told me about his father having a major stroke and how he had dementia. I have helped other eldery people with different situations in the past so I offered to help him. I met all of his family and they too helped me when needed as I was helping them. I was around the clock helping my friend with his dad. Him having many brothers and sisters in California and a brother in the city times were tough and I devoted all of my time into being there for his dad as well as him and his family. I was a caregiver, while having my 2 children to takecare of,helping him out with his 3 children and the cleaning around the house. This last saturday I was there with the father alone and the nurse had came from hospice she had just left and I stood next to him his breathing was slowing down and he was already turning blue in the hands and the rest down. while his son was on the way home from work i had this feeling it wasnt much longer so I called him to tell him and then called all the other relatives 5 minutes later I watched him take a peaceful last breath after a minute later my friend and his brother come in running up stairs they held him and I stood by them for support and they know that until the end of my journey im only a phone call away for whatever they need. This tuesday we all attend the service I pray and ask for others to please pray for the healing, peace and comfort for this family through this hard time.

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Venessa Kaye
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I'm sorry to hear that. If

I'm sorry to hear that. If this family or yourself needs somewhere to grieve and get help. There is a non-profit place called Adams Place here in Las Vegas. There will also be one opening on November 21st. In Henderson. It's free to all. A good place for you to go for free and get counseling. Take care and God bless.

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