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Please pray for my son, James (24) and his wife, Tori. They are currently involved in a very unhealthy church with a spiritually abusive pastor. They cannot see what is going on and they believe everything this pastor tells them. I was also involved with this church for 3 years before God showed me in an amazing way His truth.... My two teenage daughters left the church with me, but now they are very hurt by what happened and want nothing to do with church or God. Please pray that God would open the eyes of James and Tori and that He would heal my family....thank you

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Praying for you... If God can

Praying for you... If God can open my eyes, He can open anyones... especially "your" child's It took me a long time to realize i was mesmerized by a pastor and his persona, and i hung on his every word... and that every time i went to church i left feeling guilty not redeemed.
He'll Break open the sky's for you! appropriately on the radio right now. God is Amazing so hold on to Him! Appropriately anonymous cause God Loves Him too and I have Hope for him!

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