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Hello, I am thirteen years old and I am in eighth grade. My parents are divorced, so I am currently living with my mom in California while my dad is living in North Dakota. My family is not in a very good financial situation right now, but today I just found out that my dad got laid off his job. I feel so lost and confused as to what God's plan is. I don't want to question Him as I know that He lets everything happen for a reason, but things just seem so hard, and I don't want my dad to hurt. My step mom is back in school so she could try to get a new degree, and I don't know what's going to happen. I'm scared and worried and I don't know how to give up my fears and worries to God. Please help, thank you very much.

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Just don't worry about give

Just don't worry about give all your hurts and fears to God. I know it may seem hard right now and nothing is clear but He has a plan for you. This is part of it you just have to trust Him in what he is doing, remember Jeremiah 29:11. For I have plans for you declares The Lord plans for prosperity and not for destruction, plans to give you hope in the future.
I will also pray for you if you are having any trouble in school. God is there for you, he has not forgotten about you and he does love and care for you.

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