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Help!!! Need Much Prayer

Dear SOS Staff,
Wow, been listening to you since 1983 and we are in need of many prayers. We are a 50's couple and have just lost our business of 13 years due to recession. Since we both worked it, we will have no income come April 1st! No April's fools! We are looking for jobs but nothing yet. Will most likely have to file bankruptcy, our parent's home was a collateral on the loans for business, and Father has lung cancer. The bank will take their home after his passing, leaving Mom without a home. Needless to say the Lord is our only hope to get through this trial. We do trust but everyday living is a challenge. Emotions run very high and doubts creep in. We have a good support group of family and friends, but still very tough especially on marriage. Husband feeling so much pressure to provide, construction main trade he knows and I have helped him for 20 years, in an administrative capacity and sales. It's like starting over with your first interview, so daunting! Anyhow, our God knows all of this, just need some extra prayers going up for us. Healing for Dad,strength for Mom.... thank you so much! you are a blessing to us everyday. Torin & Diane Dixon

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Diane Dixon
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