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Hoping for my temp job to become permanent

I have been working as a temp for a wonderful organization since the week before Christmas. Miraculously, I am still here and everyone seems to like me. Budget restrictions have kept me from being hired permanently, but my department has "reserves" to keep me on for now. I am hoping they can somehow keep me permanent. I have asked for them to try and give me a job, but it was so hard to ask because I hate to beg for a job. I also didn't want them to feel guilty for letting me go if they had to. I love everyone there and I treat everyone like they're my family. It's been wonderful to work with these people so far and I don't ever want to leave. Please pray for me.

Blessings to you all!

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Hi Grace, I can personally

Hi Grace,
I can personally understand your problem. My mom (I'm a teenager still) was going through the same thing. She's a permanent now, but it took plenty of patience and prayer. If she was to go back to her previous job she would've lost 14% of her pay, so there was things at stake. BUT, we prayed and trust God in it all. Main point- God has a plan, if He wants to succed in this, you will. If not, He has a plan for you elsewhere. Just pray and trust. I'm praying for you too. -Kym :)


Thank you so much Kym! Your

Thank you so much Kym! Your prayer is appreciated. God bless you!

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