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husband left us

i accused my husband of having an affair last week because i found a woman hair tie in his closet appt. not mine at all. he gave me three stories. he came home one night at 11:30pm and the next at 730pm. we visit him from out of town and he never spent the time with us. so he bought a new truck that same weekend in-light of being in debt and living pay-check to pay-check. we (my children 3&5) got into a auto accident and our truck is totaled. police and doctors say its a miracle that we survived the accident. so he came home to tell me that he wants out and he left. he called the next day and tried to talk to the kids on the phone. we are sad and hurt. i found his bank statement and saw that during the times he said that he was working he drove out to phoenix, Tempe, and camp verde, on three occasions. so i find that he lied about his work. i am having a hard time trusting and forgiving him. i pray for strength in trusting and forgiving him. i plan to drive out to him this Monday and talk about our marriage and what we need to do to heal and move on. i hope to get some answers and maybe he can find it in his heart to give his life to Christ. i cant go back to him now but i hope that God will touch his heart to bring him closer to HIM. i am still feeling angry and bitter towards him. i have managed to find out more through his bank records on what he is really spending his time and money on. We try calling him and when we do talk with him he says he is busy or tired and that he will call us back. Never happens, ever. so i was surprised to hear that he wanted to talk to the kids the other day. i never thought i would ever go through such a trial. For now, im planning to go back to school. he got laid off this Friday. i know that he waiting to get hired in vegas again. im not going to Vegas. im going to finish my school. my kids don't need to be shipped from school to school. so im in a rut and need prayer for my husband and family. i asked if he wants a divorce. he will not say. He accuses and blames me for wanting a divorce. He is one to always blame me for everything. i pray that he be responsible for his actions. I need your prayer church family!!!!!!!!!

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cheryl for pat for Jesus
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