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Husband's Anxiety

Hello, God Bless all that pray for anyone in need. I've been trying my best to support my husband in everything I can. But he doesn't feel I do enough because I am not constantly stressing about our bills, our future, our well-being. His work is not a stable one. He is in real estate. He works based on commission. I currently don't have a job. But somehow we've been blessed with enough, more than many, although enough is not enough in his mind. As of now, and as the numbers work in his mind, we only have enough for 1 month and that's it. I know he has several things going on, I know taxes are coming, I know I can make a garage sell happen, but he is just focused on the numbers right now. today, yesterday, tomorrow... I don't have any other answer for him but that as long as we do our part, God will provide. This is religious talk to him and in his mind numbers are one thing and God another. He loves God but can't let go of this, I think it was just passed down through generations. Money is a constant battle in his mind, translated in his mood and on to the kids and me. He isolates him self every time we spend, even for the essentials...I feel awful for him but more for the kids, and with this being a constant topic, I've also fallen in the sin of rage because he just won't quit talking, questioning and worrying... Please pray for him, for our family and for me. Thank you so much, God Bless you...Melissa

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