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I am so tired of trying to stay clean and failing...So tired of trying

I don't know what else to do. I make promises to God and myself that I can't seem to keep. I have no friends, and no one that I can trust to talk to. I feel like a ghost..just walking around, going to work, the store whatever, and I am invisible. So maybe prayer can work if I ask other people to pray for me. I really feel lost

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God Knows exactly why you

God Knows exactly why you don't trust people... for me it was a controlling man who destroyed my ability to trust even my closest mom friend who led me to the lord 11 years before i even met him thru his lies and isolation but i was so infactuated with him that i couldn't see it. it has been a long road back and i am still learning but God has brought many people back into my life for rebuilding my trust. Sometimes people still are so caught up in what they are doing (like i can be sometimes) that they walk right past me when i'm waiting for the next cashier right around me like i'm not there or the not holding the door thing and it can be frustrating... Cause God says all of us fall short... not just christians, poor, young, old, sick, well... ALL
Jesus Loves You and He will Heal You!!! He Knows... The When, Where, and Who You Need!!!


Om Goodness. Your story about

Om Goodness. Your story about the controlling man your were infatuated with, who bought isolation and fear to your life, teaching you not to trust sounds JUST LIKE MY life! I have since left him-Several years ago in fact. But the scars are so deep. So very deep. Thank you for responding and for "seeing me". It was a Heaven sent message and I hope to hear from you again.
Keep praying for me, okay? I am still trying but its like one step forward and three back at this point. Thanks again-


I C U!!!!! Lord I do lift

I C U!!!!!
Lord I do lift this child of yours to you Lord and trust that only you can help her heal Lord...and bring her to where you want her at this time in her life...You are the ultimate healer, caregiver, of all Lord...and I thank you and praise you for that Lord! Lord help her to not grow weary in well doing...and to just let go and let you do her to trust that with all her heart that you can and you will in your time and way. Help her to take this knowledge and meditate on it...Thankyou Lord Your most powerful name... Jesus...I Love You Lord...and Amen...and again Thank you!


Dear Jesus please hold this

Dear Jesus please hold this person in your loving arms and strengthen them against the urges and craving. Help them to do your will by helping others Lord. There are so many that have the same problem. I lift this person up to you today Lord. Remove there dependency Lord Jesus. Help them to be strong and guide them to a way of using their life to strengthen others with the same afflictions Lord. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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