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I am asking for prayer please I just had a job interview I am praying and declaring I will get it :) I really appreciate your prayer god bless.

Another prayer can you pray for me that I past my proficiency, I really want to graduate :) and make my mom proud thanks again

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I am praying for you! I know

I am praying for you! I know God has a plan and it all has to come on his timing. Be strong! Keep working hard! I'm confident that God is going to do big things this summer!


Dear Lord, I like to pray for

Dear Lord,
I like to pray for this beautiful young lady, that she will glory you in everything that she does, that you will help her in every aspect of life. I would also like to pray that this young lady had past her proficiency. Help her make the right choices in life and that she will never feel alone because you are always right beside her. As she gets this job help her to shine your light within that work place. I pray that she grows into a wonderful woman and that you will ways shied her from danger. I pray this all in your mighty name, Amen.
God Bless you in everything you do. <3

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