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I know God is on His throne. I know Jesus died for my sins and rose and is sitting at the right hand of God. I love the Lord and I believe in the power of prayer. I ask you to please pray for me and my family. Please help us ask God to protect and bless us. Pray God will not allow anymore legal burdens to come our way. Please pray God will stop and remove the legal burdens we are dealing with now. Pray God will change my adversaries hearts and minds to have no desire to torment me or my family. Pray God will change their hearts to only show love, peace, mercy, compassion and kindness towards me and towards others. Pray they have a heart of Christ not a heart of the world. I ask you to please pray for God to protect my family and I and release us from these burdens. I ask you to help me ask the Lord to pour down His blessings upon me and my family. We are faithful to study Gods word, we are very faithful to His house. Yet I am beaten down and weary. I cry out to God day and night. I need His help. I pray for His divine intervention. Please help us pray and ask God to release us from these legal burdens. I need strength, it is hard to concentrate with these burdens. We are simple people and live a quiet life. I am a quiet person not the type who likes controversy or problems. I worry a lot, I always have. I pray about this worry and anxiety. I have dealt with panic attacks and anxiety most of my life. Please ask God to take these burdens from me and allow me to work for Him free of these burdens. Pray that not weapon formed against me will prosper. Please pray for God to place His heavenly angels around me and my family and protect us from any attacks. I thank you for your prayers.

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I prayed God to send His

I prayed God to send His ministering angels and waring angels on your behalf. To fill you with joy and you will sing and dance before Him like David danced. Dance the enemy is below your feet. Read Psalm 99

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