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I messed up

Recently we had a baby(July 10, 2012)born with neuroblastoma, a rare cancer. Her name is Katie Iris. I also have a 3 yr old boy, 1 yr old girl, 16 yr old boy. I take care of my older brother. I have custody of children as my 16 yr old's mom died of leukemia 2 yrs ago, my younger children's mom is here and there, you know what i mean. Katie had surgery to remove a 2" tumor on her adrenal gland on July 23, 2012, we haven't received word on biopsy whether cancer is aggressive or gone forever, praying its gone forever. My car broke down in July, our home ac broke in July, 3 yr old got sick, had to take to doctor and I have no insurance for kids so had to pay cash. Car repairs were over $1000, so anyway had a lot going on and not enough money to handle it. I have been on social security disability since 2008, I am 51 year old male. So, not knowing where to turn or what to do, I went gambling with my entire monthly pay. Well, you can imagine what happened. I lost not only my rent, but everything, including taking out title loan on vehicle. I went insane to put it mildly. I had a past problem with gambling and didn't even think of that, just went haywire. Now I'm about to be evicted from home, my phone is turned off, my power will be off soon, I have no money for formula for baby or diapers or food for family. I MESSED UP. I NEED PRAYER, I NEED HELP! Please pray for my family as it isn't their fault their dad went temporarily insane. I will put my email as it is only way for communication. [email protected] I was told to come to this ladies church I chatted with as I picked 16yr old up from school, she knew nothing about my problem, just thought it was awesome I took care of kids by myself. I will attend this upcoming Sunday. I remember hearing someone say it's ok to pray for money, I feel awful to do it as it was self inflicted what I did, I feel like a horrible person.So please pray for my family that my worries vanish. Pray that I can somehow come up with the $5000 I need to cover what I did. My rent is $1000, I over drafted bank account by $1140, my phone bill is $420,power bill is $900,title loan payment $1000,can't even think right now. I'm sorry but I felt I needed to get all this off my chest and say it out loud that I messed up bad. Thank you for your time, God Bless you all.

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