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i need gods help

i have been fighting something called IBSD for the past six years and its taking it toll on my soul i have tried to take stuff to help with the problem but there is no cure for it and everything i have tried isn't helping me but i love god and i pray ever day that god will cure it because Jesus is able to cure anything in this world and this is the first time i have ask someone to pray for me i need help so it would be nice if other ppl that have god in there life can pray for me

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Jonathon Shaw
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I will have u in my prayers.

I will have u in my prayers. I had kidney and liver problems 6 rs ago and didn't even know by the time Dr found it they sd couldn't be reversed.. Used to take me 1 hr to walk kids 4 blocks to school every step in pain. Since God has healed me I can do it on 25. Sometime in Satan tries to make me think I am still sick but I just call out to Jesus as loud as I can. I may sound crazy but to God it's all he wants. I encourage u to go to a good church and ask the pastors and congregation to lay hands in prayer on you. When the healing comes to u the battle Will prove to be worth it. I stay strong in Jesus. With love

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