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I need prayer for anger, depression, and more

I don't know what's wrong with me. I get angry, I get depressed. I want to be left alone. I kick things and my animals when they have plucked my last nerve. I yell at my kids. I have too much to do and not enough time. I don't get to do anything fun. I don't want to do anything at times. I hate the way I look. I need a haircut, clothing, etc. but no money. I take care of my children first before myself. But I'm not happy at all. I have plenty compared to most I know, but I am so miserable.
Thank you.

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Praise God for your honesty!

Praise God for your honesty! I am a single mom and i lived with a man who treated me and my son like that for 3 years and when i left it was me who acted like that for too long, I had a friend who told me that i was doing the best i could and that's what i want to tell you "Especially" with your honesty... You are doing the best you can, with what you have!!! Keep turning to God and He will get you thru this Now just so you understand I left that guy 11 years ago this july 14th (my birthday) and i noticed this week that i have started to be able to hug my kids when the are hurt... Healing can be a long process and
Only God can get you there!!!
Don't Be So Hard On Yourself,
God Help!!! sent to heaven FOR YOU!!!

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