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I need prayer please :)

I would like to thank all of you that pray for me and my situation before anything...I am a stay at home Momma, I have been married for 13 yrs & I have 5 beautiful girls...
I am struggling to stay with my husband, I've had separation papers since February this year-he has no idea about that...He hasn't slept in bed with me since November-December of 2011...there just isn't any kind of marriage going on here...we are just co-existing...I think roommates or co-workers have a more intimate-close relationship than I do. I have been trying to be a good wife and still be kind but it is really tearing me apart and to top it off my daughters keep asking me more and more questions like: why doesn't poppa kiss you, has he ever smiled at you, why doesn't he sleep in your room, and why doesn't he ever want to eat at the table with us....just to name a few of their heartbreaking questions.....I do see how this tension is really affecting my health and theirs...something has just got to give. I'm at my wits prayers request is to please give my daughters and myself clarity, peace, calm, strength, wisdom, guidance, keep us healthy, for this horrible season to end soon and for everything financially to work out in my favor...I would also like to ask for an abundance of prayers for my husband to find the LORD...he really needs the LIGHT because he is just embedded in darkness :( I know God has a plan for me...I'm just so lonely and know that I deserve to be happy as do my girls. I am a new Christian and I've been praying but I feel a few extra prayers couldn't hurt....sorry this is so long...this is a short version! :(



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