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I REALLY need prayer

Hello, I come from a family of diabetics. I had always had a normal sugar level, as I regularly donate blood, but just a month ago I had a terrible month where school, work, family & church got me so stressed out and depressed that I got really sick. My sugar went up to almost 500 and I've been having a very hard time bringing it down even with medicine & the doctor thinks I may have diabetes. Please pray for me that my blood sugar goes normal again, I don't want to have diabetes as all my family has died from it and has had limbs cut off because of it. I really need prayer. Thank you & God bless!

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I am praying for you. I have

I am praying for you. I have a history of diabetes in my family also. Give your stress and worries to God. He is larger than any problem. Try to keep healthy in your busy life, you are important. Also exercise, even just a little bit, releives stress. May God Bless you and keep you well.


Hello I to come from a

Hello I to come from a family of diabetes I lost my dad from diabetes my little sister Was diagnosed when she was 4 and is now almost 28 with a year old baby.I to know the Devastation this can bring to a family.A few years ago I came across an alternative way other than medication and doctors in hospital visits to remedy take care of and almost eliminate the problem.I left my email my name please contact me I would love to talk to you and tell you other ways that your family can be healed from this devastation.


I pray for you for my mother

I pray for you for my mother as well is a diabetic as well and know what you are going through. I hope that you are able to keep good thoughts through this time of troubles and well be able to keep up your spirit during this time in your life.

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