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I think it is just part of being a teenager

I need help dealing with my emotions. I sometimes just get upset or depressed for no reason. If you could find some time to pray for me it would help.

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Anthony Schaaf
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Anthony, Sometimes it is

Sometimes it is normal teenage hormones but there could be an underlying medical issue. If these continue or increase to thoughts of hurting yourself please seek help. Your life is too precious to God and those that love you for you to suffer alone.
You will be in my prayers! Remember to always turn to God, even if it seems like He's not there HE IS!!! There is help and sometimes his answers come to us from others who care!


Anthony, First of all, we are

First of all, we are praying for God to inspire you with understanding and strength. Many times our rollercoasters exist to make us stronger. Whether it be school grades, bullying, friends letting us down, or other home life issues, we turn in prayer to God to show us his plan.

Remember to also get involved, get connected and surround yourself to people that inspire you to want to seek God's direction. Sometimes when we start walking the path or maybe we are far along on our journey, we need to look at the people that are around us and ask, are they holding me back. If so, inspire them to walk the path with you.

Your purpose is to love yourself and Jesus asks you to love your neighbor as well. Get involved in community works like feeding the homeless or help to collect food for Thanksgiving. Key Clubs are incredible community service clubs. If you keep yourself busy serving, we fill our Hearts with Joy.

Remember, He created you to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

My prayer for you is to hear and understand his purpose on the path God has you on. Keep seeking His path.

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