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I want my children

I lost my children in 2009 due to drugs and alcohol and God has brought me out of that lifestyle for over 3 years now!! My kids are with their dad and he will not let me see or talk to them, I really need prayer to help me get my kids back!! I just pray that God touches the hearts of anyone who is able to make the decision of me getting my kids back, I am so lost without them. thank you! sincerely Nicole!

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Nicole Walker-Brown
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Hi Nicole. Back in 2010, my

Hi Nicole. Back in 2010, my mom went throught the same thing you did. My dad kept us and wouldn't let us talk or see her either. Not to blame my dad though because personally I didn't want to see my mom. She was messed up I felt like she was the one tearing our family up. We couldn't have people over, couldn't go anywhere, when I was invited to a sleepover I couldn't go because I had to make sure my sisters wouldn't get hurt by my mom. She stopped us from doing a lot of things. I learned to forgive her for what she did. I hope that your family will be together again! I'll be praying for you. (:

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