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My idol is materialism. I can feel it haunting me. I love the Lord and have been in ministry for decades. Please pray for true repentance and a rejoicing in the Lord alone for deepest meaning.

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Your prayer request shows

Your prayer request shows your desire to love to serve and honor our Lord Jesus in all area's of your life.

Something I'm teaching myself to cling to is a story about Lindberg when he was flying and heard the scratching of mice in the back of his plane that were eating at cables of the planes controls. Not being able to leave the cockpit he headed his plane to a higher altitude knowing that the lack oxygen to the mice would kill them.

If I take my heart & mind (airplane) and look up and begin to praise & worship the one who released us from ALL chains that long to bind us, the enemy in the high altitude of praise & worship, the will flee.

I pray with you that you can & will gain victory as you step by step see Him as your true prize.

In His love!

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